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The Chicken paella is one of the most famous dishes in Spain, it is also called "Paella Valenciana" and ingredients may vary according to the area where it is cooked.

The main ingredients of chicken paella are round rice, olive oil, garlic, chicken, pork, tomatoes, green bean and saffron.



The Seafood paella is cooked with a wide variety of fish depending on availability. It has a strong taste to sea.

The main ingredients of chicken paella are round rice, olive oil, garlic, squid, calamari, tomatoes, peppers and prawns.




Vegetarian paella is a variant of the traditional paella, without meat or fish. It is typical from Alicante and Murcia provinces.

All rice without meat or fish are called "widower rice" in Spain.

The main ingredients of the vegetarian paella are round rice, olive oil, pepper, green beans , leeks , peas, mushrooms , eggplant and cauliflower.




The "Caldero" is typical from southeast coast of Spain, mainly from Cabo de Palos, a village near to Cartagena, in province of Murcia.

This rice is originally made by fishermen when they returned home and were using the small fish that did not sell . They made a broth with the small fish. It is like a risotto with a strong taste of seafood, usually accompanied with garlic mayonnaise.

The main ingredients of this dish are round rice, olive oil, dried pepper , garlic, tomatoes and fish stock.



BLACK RICE (Arroz negro)


The Black rice is a typical dish from the Mediterranean coast of Spain, mainly Torrevieja and Guardamar in Alicante province and also certain parts of Catalonia.

It is a dry rice with flavour of seafood and the black color is due to the squid ink.

It consists of round rice, olive oil, onion , squid , white wine, parsley, squid ink and garlic.